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Raise3D announces new software solution

The new software ideaMaker Library features a combination of ideaMaker and RaiseCloud’s functions As the sector grows and advances the needs of customers also change and become more demanding. Productivity and ease…

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Pro3 Series

The Pro3 Series 3D Printers, built based on its predecessor, the Pro2 Series, is a large format professional printer with double extruder. The Pro3 has a build volume of 300x300x300mm and the Pro3 Plus has a build volume of 300x300x605mm. The Pro3 Series features enhanced features and an intelligent assistant system known as EVE, making the printing process more streamlined and simplified.


The Raise3D E2CF is a professional 3D printer specially designed for printing with carbon fiber filaments. The E2CF also has two extrusion nozzles that can work on two pieces simultaneously (two identical or mirrored pieces), increasing productivity.


The Raise 3D E2 printer is a robust, durable and user-friendly 3D printer, designed for more specific industrial applications that came to the market to increase precision standards, assisting in production, in addition to being a powerful manufacturing resource because it works with different materials. Raise3D E2 has two extruder nozzles that can work in two pieces simultaneously (two equal or mirrored pieces).

Pro2 Series

The Pro2 series printers are professional large format, double extrusion 3D printers. Also features color touchscreen, filament run-out sensor, print resumes after power shortage, and more. It prints materials such as polycarbonate, PLA, ABS, nylon, flexible, among others. The Pro2 has a build volume of 305x305x3005mm and the Pro2 Plus has a build volume of 305x305x605mm.


The Raise3D RMF500 is a professional large format 3D printer with a print volume of 500x500x500mm. The RMF500 was specially developed to print with carbon fiber filaments and also has two extrusion nozzles that can work on two pieces simultaneously (two identical or mirrored pieces). The independent double extruder system, added to the large printing area, provides high productivity.


The MetalFuse system is a complete solution for 3D printing with metal: it comprises the Forge1 3D printer, specialized for printing with metal filaments, the catalytic debinding furnace D200-E and the s200-C sintering furnace. The use of metal filaments makes the printing process more practical and safer, especially when compared to printing processes that use metallic powder.

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