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Raise3D announces new software solution

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The new software ideaMaker Library features a combination of ideaMaker and RaiseCloud’s functions

As the sector grows and advances the needs of customers also change and become more demanding. Productivity and ease of use are some of the features that users are looking for most and Raise listened to the requirements of the market. In the past few weeks, these requirements have become very significant as the 3D printing community continually produces PPE items, knowing that, Raise3D has created a solution for a smooth and reliable workflow to help increase production.

In the current month, Raise3D announced the new software, ideaMaker Library, which stores slicer profiles (.Bin) for Raise3D or third party printers and materials, as well as template files (.Stl) and (.Gcode), which can be downloaded and imported into ideaMaker. The combination of two software, the slice management software (ideaMaker) and the printing software (RaiseCloud) allowed users to send their models to their 3D printers and easily monitor the printing process. Now, the process has been further improved, with fewer steps required.

With the latest version of ideaMaker (version 3.6.0), users can download and import template files from the ideaMaker library, along with the most suitable Slicing Profile for their Raise3D or third-party 3D printer and filament. This will help users ensure that they’re always using settings optimized for their model. To send the file for printing and monitor the printing process of one or more printers, users can log in directly to the Raise3D account from the ideaMaker interface and upload the print files to RaiseCloud with a single click. They can continue to remotely control the impressions of an entire team right away, both on the website and in the app.

Edward Feng, Raise3D’s CEO, says: “We continue to work towards the goal of offering an all-in-one solution that increases productivity. With the ideaMaker Library as a valuable new ally, the combination of ideaMaker and RaiseCloud, we are happy to now be able to offer this complete solution and a smooth workflow that will be a game changer for the manufacturing industry”.

The whole process is quick and effortless, as shown on the Raise3D software page, where additional information can be found.

The new software is a complete solution for managing files, 3D printers and users of a company, school or team, which can significantly improve the print process and obtain a continuous production workflow that most customers were looking for, especially those manufacturing industry.

Raise3D’s software can be found here.