Why choose Raise 3D?

Raise3D’s goal is to inspire change on an industrial level, and to do so, designs and builds 3D printers that push the limits for what’s possible for designers and manufacturers. Find out more about what makes Raise3D products exceptional.

Raise 3D Ecosystem

Have a more automated production with exclusive Raise 3D features.

Exceptional, high-precision 3D printers. Learn more. learnmore.

Raise3D’s powerful slicing software. Learn more.

Cloud management system. Learn more. Saiba mais.

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Exceptional, High-precision 3D Printers.

High-Resolution Printouts

Exclusive motion system for superior quality and resolution of parts:

  • 0.2 mm interchangeable nozzles for finer details;
  • precise positioning (positioning resolution of 0.78125micron on the X / Y axes);
  • unmatched resolution (layers with a minimum height of 0.01 mm)
  • Intuitive User Interface

    • • Visual Interface
    • • Quickly review your printing proccess/li>
    • • Visually track your print progress
    • Total adjust control

    Consistent Performance

    Raise3D printers are stable and reliable.

    • • Double extruder with electronic lifting;
    • • State-of-the-art motion controller;
    • • Never lose a print in case of a power outage;
    • • Remote user interface (RaiseCloud).
    • • HEPA air filter;
    • • Exclusive printing plate system;

    Raise3D's Powerful Slicing Software

    Prepare your files for printing with ideaMaker, Raise3D’s powerful slicing software. It features an easy-to-use interface and can prepare STL, OBJ and 3MF files with just 2 clicks, while its configuration options offer more advanced users unlimited customization, making ideaMaker ideal for both beginners and experienced users in 3D printing.

    Custom Supports

    Create accurate support structures easily and automatically or use a completely customizable support system. It is also possible to change the thickness of the supports, and to add or remove them manually.

    Adaptive Layer Height: Higher Speed and Quality

    IdeaMaker can be configured to automatically increase or decrease the height of the layers, depending on the level of detail needed for the area being printed, further improving quality and reducing printing time

    Make the most of the Open Filament Program

    IdeaMaker allows simplified use of third party filaments with customized profiles categorized by brand and material that can be downloaded and saved in the Open Filament Program (OFP) directory.

    Cloud Management System for the Printing Proccess

    RaiseCloud is an oline platform that connects you, your team and your Raise3D printers. With just a few clicks, RaiseCloud allows you to easily automate your production and print remotely. Users can enjoy RaiseCloud using computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere with Internet access.


    Highly efficient task management


    File sharing and collaboration


    Adapts to any work environment


    Maximize printing utilization


    Review the printing proccess


    Centralized profile management Gerenciamento centralizado de perfis


    Modeling and design tools


    Visual reportings