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New features of ideaMaker software for Raise3D E2 printer

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The Raise3D ecosystem allows connectivity between the Pro2 and Pro2Plus printer models. In the new version of the ideaMaker software, it is possible to take full advantage of E2’s resources and technology, in addition to offering new functionality improvements for the Pro2 series. Among the features are the printing mode to duplicate or mirror and printing with two colors or two materials.

1. Exclusive print mode for Duplicate and Mirror:

  • to increase manufacturing efficiency in small batches, it is now possible to use the E2 in duplicate mode
  • or for complex geometries and applications such as shoes, it can be printed using the mirror mode.

2. Printing in two colors or two materials

  • two-color printing is great for creating creative and different models
  • two-material printing significantly expands model applications by offering different strength and flexibility requirements
  • it is also possible to combine two materials, one of which is the support material that makes the creation of impressions with complex shapes ideal.

3. Remote control and monitoring

  • the monitoring and remote control of 3D prints allows to expand and make flexible the reach of additive manufacturing.
  • users can check the status of their printers that are connected to the network
  • they can also make changes as they see fit from their computers.

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